Declaration of consent and data protection / confidentiality declaration

Dear interviewee,
In order to confirm the interview date, we still need your declaration of consent to take notes and your consent to our data protection / confidentiality declaration.
Please read them carefully and fill out the consent form if you agree.


1. Controller

The Sparkfield GmbH, Hans-Grüninger-Weg 11-14, 71706 Markgröningen (hereinafter: “Sparkfield”) is responsible for the processing of the personal data.

2. Purpose of the production of notes

Sparkfield intends to provide you with new products for testing purposes and to have a conversation with you about your product experiences. We would like to document your experience and the interview by using notes (“raw data”). This data is evaluated for the purpose of developing new products and services. In the framework of the interviews, it is possible that special categories of personal data (according to Art. 9 (1) GDPR), e.g. data regarding your health, might be queried.

3. Right to use

With this consent form, you grant Sparkfield the exclusive right to use the recordings made in the framework of the interviews, including works and inventions possibly contained therein. Sparkfield shall be entitled to digitize and electronically process the datas paying attention to your justified interests. Sparkfield shall be entitled to transfer these rights to the recordings to third parties. If a compensation has been agreed then the compensation for the data use will consist solely of the disbursed amount. Otherwise no monetary compensation shall be paid for the use of the data collected in this study. In case of inventions, additional compensation will be paid according to applicable law.

4. Data protection

During the evaluation, all data will be anonymized (e.g. change of details in written memos) or pseudonymized (e. g. by separating the identifying information such as name, address, contact data from the rest of the data, which is then no longer be personally identifiable). These evaluated data and the aggregated results of the study might be passed inside Sparkfield and to their contractual partners.
Only selected employees of the department stated in the section “Controller” have access to the data and any additional personal data possibly given by you. All personal data will be deleted as soon as Sparkfield has completed the evaluation regarding a new product or service. The evaluated data are stored anonymously or pseudonymously so that no direct connection to your personal data is possible. This also applies to a possible follow-up discussion. The recordings and your personal data will not be passed on to third parties, in any way without your explicit written consent. Please also note the “Data Protection Notice”.

5. Confidentiality

All information provided to you by Sparkfield during the product tests or the interviews, which are marked as confidential or which are by nature to be considered as confidential (especially appearance and functionality of the new products or product concepts), have to be kept secret, as long as and insofar as the information is not verifiable public knowledge. This also holds true for conversations among family, friends, and colleagues. Information passed on to you or products given to you for testing purposes remain the sole property of Sparkfield. Sparkfield reserves all rights (including copyrights and industrial property rights, e.g. patents).

Declaration of Consent

With my opt-in I declare my consent that my personal data may be processed for the purpose in section 2. I agree to the conditions regarding the rights to use in section 3 and the confidentiality regulations in section 5 and hereby agree to adhere to the resulting obligations. I give explicit consent that Sparkfield may query special categories of personal data, e.g. data regarding my health, in the framework of the interviews, and may process the data free of charge for the purpose of section 2 and for the rights to use of section 3. My participation in this interview is voluntary and I can abandon it at any time. With my abandonment I declare the withdrawal of my consent. Furthermore, I can declare my withdrawal of my consent at any time after the interview to the controller. I am aware that the withdrawal of my consent will not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal. Possibly existing raw personal data will be deleted due to a withdrawal. All other personal data stored, e.g. name or address, will also be deleted, provided the storage is no longer required by law. I am aware that in case a compensation has been paid for the participation at the study, I am obliged to reimburse it in case of a revocation within three months after the production of the raw data, provided the raw data are not yet evaluated and anonymized at this date.

Declaration of consent

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