We believe that your health and fitness are essential values for your well-being.
We believe that strength training has positive physical and mental effects for people of all ages.
We don’t believe in empty promises and miracle cures.
What we do believe is that latest tech and sports science are game changers.
We believe that strength training should be a more exciting, safe, and motivating experience.
And, most of all, we believe that you, regardless of age and previous experience, can reach all your physical goals – provided you’re given the right equipment and support.




“inspired to create innovations  & inventions for everyday life”

  • 25 years robotics & automated systems
  • serial innovator & business developer


Amos Albert

Managing director, business development, finance, mechatronics, software

Sparkfield team: 

Our inspiration and excellence for your passion to perfection



“make strength training a safe, efficient, & accessible experience”

  • strength training enthusiast for 30 years
  • competitive powerlifter

Mattias Hallor

Managing director, domain knowledge, product management, sales



“hardware matters”




Steffen Petereit

mechanics, design, approvals, supplier-management, IP




“aiming at the best solution: learn fast, adapt, iterate and make it happen”



Dehlia Khelif

user research, business modelling, UX and marketing




“cracking the code to make strength training attractive for everyone”



Clemens Buss

eco system, cloud, user research and validation