A whole gym on 2m²

Sparkfield Core


The athlete completes the entire workout on just one device. The most effective training methods based on the current state of sports science are available at the touch of a button.


Stable guidance and safe training until muscle exhaustion. The virtual coach overtakes all the necessary settings, creates individual training plans and gives feedback on execution.


There are hundreds of workout options at your fingertips. The achievement of goals is rewarded and the training success is documented individually and compared to the peer group.

efficient full-body workout


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latest training methods

High intensity training

The muscle activation during high intensity training can reduce training times to a minimum, for instance down to 2x15min per week.

Eccentric overload

Through higher force in the eccentric phase, strength reserves are better used and training gets more efficient.

Circuit training

With circuit training, all muscle groups can be addressed in a defined order and a highly time efficient manner.

Isokinetic training

The even velocity of isokinetic training offers an especially safe and smooth training method and is often used for rehabilitation.

Super sets

With super sets, pause times are reduced to a minimum by training, for example, antagonist muscle groups successively.


Isometric training

Static muscle contraction in a fixed position (isometric) is often used for pre-conditioning of muscles.

Reduction sets

With reduction sets, the muscle energy reserves are consumed even faster. This method is typically used for hypertrophy training.

Data-based training

Through precise measurements, settings can be adapted even better to the current user training performance.