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robotics meets strength-training

we bring premium strength-training to your home

our vision

Sparkfield is convinced of the positive physical and mental effects of strength training for people of all ages and backgrounds. We are inspired to optimize and to make strength training a more accessible and attractive experience.

0ne machine 30+ exercises


Our product characteristics

efficient whole-body Training

Squats, deadlifts and more

Sparkfield Core can adapt the motion patterns & load curves of each exercise to your individual needs for an optimum muscle stimulation. With a resistance of up to 150kg and 100s of workout combinations, Sparkfield Core will accompany you on the long run. Try out our HIT program and reach your goals in no time!


No cables, no pulleys, no wobbles…

your own virtual coach

Focus on yourself, we take care of the rest

Get guidance and instant feedback on execution and posture for the lowest injury risk. Sensors measure your strength during your workout to optimize your training program based on detailed metrics. Switch on the virtual coach and get the resistance automatically adapted to your strength.

Professional guidance – convincing results

convenient and inspiring

As easy as 1-2-3

Sparkfield Core automatically adjusts to you so that you can start your training as easy as 1-2-3. Our user-friendly interface makes sure that nothing stays between yourself and your training. Keep going with new challenges every day and unleash the full-potential of Sparkfield Core by taking advantage of complementary offers online.

A unique technology at your service for a whole new experience

voices of experts

“…Sparkfield Core offers an ideal training from sports medicine perspective…”

Leading sport scientist

“…Sparkfield Core is a game changer…”

Coach for world class athletes

“…cool product, never seen anything comparable…”

Head of Physiotherapeutic dept clinic

Our team


“inspired to create innovations  & inventions for everyday life”

  • 25 years robotics & automated systems
  • serial innovator & business developer


Amos Albert

Managing director, business development, finance, mechatronics, software

Sparkfield team: 

Our inspiration and excellence for your passion to perfection



“make strength training a safe, efficient, & accessible experience”

  • strength training enthusiast for 30 years
  • competitive powerlifter


Mattias Hallor

Managing director, domain knowledge, product management, sales


“hardware matters”




Steffen Petereit

mechanics, design, approvals, supplier-management, IP


“aiming at the best solution: learn fast,

adapt, iterate and make it happen”



Dehlia Khelif

user research, business modelling, UX and marketing


“cracking the code to make strength

training attractive for everyone”



Clemens Buss

eco system, cloud, user research and validation

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